Commercial Voiceovers

This is the work that reaches the largest number of people. From Mother's Day spots delivered barely above a whisper to hard-driving car dealer spots...they are everywhere.

Cheerleading/Dance Mix


Whether you are looking for a half time mix, world's mix, high school or all star mixes, Our Voice Over Guy Studios is the place for your NEW Hot Mix!. Offering everything from Base dance mixes to Elite Custom Cheer Mixes, we guarantee a mix that exceeds your expectations. Our Voice Over Guy Studios  specializes in music for:

  • High School Cheerleading/Dance Squads

  • All Star Cheer
  • College Cheer
  • Flag Corp Teams
  • Pop Warner Cheer
  • Rec/Youth Teams

Our mixes are ALWAYS Fresh with the latest beats and phenomenal voiceovers.  If you're ready to take your team to the next level, than I suggest you make Our Voice Over Guy Studios a must before your season begins.

Premade mixes are musics that we have produced using themes or current hits. Examples of themes include Love, Time, Shake, 80's, hip-hop, or particular artists such as Britney, Lady GaGa, etc. Current hits include most genres, particularly pop, hip-hop, dance, alternative rock, etc.

Premade cheer and dance music is well-suited for half-time shows, youth and pop warner cheerleading, middle school and high school cheer and dance. Many all star and college teams also use premade music.

Premade mixes are offered in fixed durations such as 0:30, 1:30, 2:15 and 2:30 and are all available for previewing and instant download.

Custom voiceovers can be mixed into premade music to add a personal element to the mix. You provide us with team names, cheers and raps and we will mix them into your music.

Our Voice Over Guy Studios reputation was built on unique custom mixes. We've been doing mixes for over 10 years and know the pulse of the industry.  If it's Hot and popular, we're mixing it!

A custom music mix is created following the customer's specifications. You choose the songs and provide us with an 8-count sheet, and we will mix,remix, mash-up and produce an absolutely unique, energetic, heart-racing mix that fits your guidelines and your budge

Click Here to download our Custom Cheer Form and we'll get your started.


Corporate Image Voiceovers

Every company has an image, and the wise ones (especially as they grow larger) spend a fair amount of time crafting that image. Whether it's their voice mail system, marketing videos, broadcast commercials or web audio, the image-crafters for a company (often an outside advertising agency) understand that audio is a big component. I've done a lot of this work for home-based web based businesses with a staff of one, all the way up to large companies such as the Kellogg Company.

Marketing Voiceovers

Companies have a product or service to sell. They create media materials in support of such sales for trade shows, sales calls, and sometimes even for broadcast. They build their case by stating the problem first, and then demonstrating how their product or service comes to the rescue..

Professional Voice Over Services

  • IVR, Auto Attendant Systems
  • On-Hold and Voice Mail
  • Web Based Training VO
  • Employee Training Videos
  • Event Master of Ceremonies Emcee
  • Radio Commercials
  • Promos / Movie Trailers
  • Political Spots and Commercials
  • Corporate and Sales Presentations
  • Real Estate Virtual Tour Narration



We offer two simple choices when creating your next voice demo, acting reel, real estate spot, etc.

Regardless of which option you select, we want you to know that we concentrate on you and on what you want to highlight in your demo reel. Be it for online use, agent shopping, or anywhere else.


(When booking you must say "I want the BIG VOICEOVER DEAL"  not really :)

OurVoiceoverGuy will produce your demo for one great flat rate of $500.00 (US) 

50% Deposit.  You make your final payment only when you approve the finished demo. No hourly studio fees! No hidden costs!

Here's what you get:

Assistance with script selection
1 Hr Phone Conversation/Practice Session to go over scripts
Final payment due only when your demo is complete to your satisfaction
Expert direction and guidance prior to your recording session
Professional editing, mixing, and production of your finished audio files
Finished Demo sent via email AND a mailed copy sent to you on an external flash drive


For those on a Budget/Starving Artists/I GET PAID ON FRIDAY folks :)

OurVoiceoverGuy will produce your demo for one great flat rate of $350.00 (US)  

50% Deposit.  You make your final payment only when you approve the finished demo. No hourly studio fees! No hidden costs!

Here's what you get:

Mixing and editing of previous recorded spots (more or less expert cut and pasting)
Produce a 30 second and 60 second version demo
Finished Demo sent via email AND a mailed copy sent to you on an external flash drive

Final payment due only when your demo is complete to your satisfaction



Mixing and Mastering Services

Mixing and Mastering Online is fast becoming the first stop for independent record labels and musicians looking for a professional and affordable remote online mixing and mastering service.

Whether your tracks are being played on National Radio/TV or your a bedroom artist wanting the best from your new recording, Mixing and Mastering with Our Voiceover Guy can provide that signature touch at an affordable rate.

We can professionally mix your track and finish the work with a mastering service that will ensure your songs are well balanced have great presence, depth and with the care and attention they deserve to make them sound professional as possible.

Mixing and mastering are the two most important steps in the audio production process; without them you are left with a dry, dull recording. Having your songs mixed and mastered by professionals will instantly separate you from the crowd and bring your recordings up to today's radio standards. Our Voiceover Guy is not only determined to produce impressive results but we are also determined to do so at competitive rates.

At Our Voiceover we are able to accept any audio recording that has been recorded with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW,) like Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Adobe Audition etc. (If you didn't record with a DAW just send us the .wav files.) As soon as we receive your files, we will then use the tools at our fingertips to mix and master your recordings and bring your music to life.

MIXING RATES: Mastering Included Free at No Additional Charge

Prices may vary and are typical of a 10 track or less session.  Larger tracked sessions may be slightly more.  Email for more details.

  • $150 = 1 Song*
  • $400 = 3 Songs* (Save $50)
  • $650 = 5 Songs* (Save $100)
  • $1,300 = 10 Songs* (Save $200)
  • $1,500 = 12 Songs* (Save $300)
  • Call/Email for more than 12 Songs

*Basic Mastering Included at No Additional Charge.


  • $50 = 1 Song
  • $125 = 3 Songs (Save $25)
  • $200 = 5 Songs (Save $50)
  • $425 = 10 Songs (Save $75)
  • $500 = 12 Songs (Save $100)
  • Call/Email for more than 12 Songs*












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